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 NEW 2019 Model Volkswagen VW-009 ANDRIOD 7.1 Car Stereo with

SAT NAV Bluetooth DVD Player Awith Screen Mirroring for Android / iPhone 







FREE Standard installation or Posted to you @ £349.99 with DAB

'Plug and Play' on Standard VW wiring looms Designed to replace

 The Following VW's Standard Manufacturer’s Stereo

VW GOLF (1997-2003)

VW POLO (2000-2009)

VW PASSAT (2001-2005)

VW BORA  (2000-2009)

VW TRANSPORTER (1998-2009)

VW SHARAN (2000-2009)

VW JETTA (2000-2009)

VW CHICO (2004-2009)


 Display Screen
 Screen Type  Captive TFT HD Touch Screen 
 Resolution 1024 x 600
 Screen Dimension 6.5 inch 16:9 
 Illumination (Button Backlight)
 Back Light Color Green,Red
 3G Yes
 WIFI Yes Built in
 Main Interface Language  English, Pусский,Deutsch,Français,Português,Español,العربية,中文 etc.
 DVD Control Language English, Pусский,Deutsch,Français,Português,Español,العربية,中文 etc.
 GPS Console Language English, Pусский,Deutsch,Français,Português,Español,العربية,中文 etc.
 AM Frequency Range 522-1620 (Europe), 530-1710 (America),522-1620 (Russia)
 FM Tuning Range 87.5-108 (Europe), 87.5-107.9 (America),65.0-108.0 (Russia)
 DAB Yes
 DVD Playback
 1080P Yes
 Disk Format Supported DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/CD-R/WMA/JPEG
 Operating System ANDROID 7.1 (1.6 Ghz A9 Dual Core Processor 1GB Ram)
1024 x 600
 Card Supported Micro SD Card
 MAX Memory Supported 32GB
 Map Supported  Navitel,Igo,PolNav,Sygic,Route66,Tom-Tom, Support 3D Maps
 GPS Baud Rate=9600, Com Port=2
 A2DP Yes
 Phonebook Download Yes
 Microphone Internal
 Received Call Yes
 Dialled Call Yes
 Missed Call Yes
 Store Contacts  Yes
 Storage Media 
 SD Card Slot For Music/Movie Micro SD Card Slot
 MAX Memory Supported 32GB
 USB Port For Music/Movie Normal USB Port
 MAX Memory Supported 32GB
 Position:Front Panel+Back of the Unit
 2.0 Version
 Portable HD  Yes
 TV Tuner
 Built-in Analog TV  Yes
 Built-in DVB-T Tuner Optional
 DVB-T Format  MPEG4
 Built-in ISDB Tuner Optional
 Phone Control
 Screen Mirroring
 Android Phones Connection Method USB
 Apple Phones Connection Method Wifi
 Screen Mirror Audio Yes
 Video & Audio
 DSP Audio Processor Yes
 Front DVR Input Yes (DVR Camera Optional)
 Video Input 1-Channel RCA Input
 Video Output 2-Channel RCA Output
 Audio Input 2-Channel RCA Input
 Audio Output 4.1-Channel RCA Output
 Reverse Camera Input Yes
 3 Zone Out  No
 Other Functions 
 DVR Camera Yes (DVR Camera Optional)
 Phone-Link (Mirror Link) Yes (Optional)
 2-Zone  Yes (Listen Radio/CD While Watching GPS Image)
 3-Zone  No (Listening To Radio/Watching GPS Image At The Front And Watching DVD/SD/USB/TV From The Sub-monitor Simultaneously)
 Steering Wheel Control Yes 
 MFD Yes
 Copy from USB / Micro SD Card to Hard Drive Yes
 Parking Assistance Yes
 Wallpaper DIY Yes
 Game  Yes
 *1,Power Cable*1,GPS Antenna*1,RCA Audio/Video Input Wire*1,Reverse/DVR Camera RCA Input Wire*1,Fakra Radio Connector*


 Fast Boot Up Time and OEM Design

Max output 4 X 60W Per Channel

Aux Input & SUB Input

Supports Up to 2TB External HD and 32GB via USB and Micro SD card

Screen Mirroring For Apple and Android Phones

The Back light and Buttons can be changed to Red and Green

Built-in Mic for Bluetooth Phone Calls

Upload Phone contacts Feature

Built-in GPS Navigation System Google Maps Included

DVR Camera Input (DVR Camera Not Included)

Car Rear View camera Input (Reverse Camera Not Included)


 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty Terms and Conditions apply